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The Powerful of customer referrals

Author:    Source:    Date: 2016-06-02 07:11:28

Everyone knows that word of mouth is powerful. The word of a trusted friend goes much farther than any advertisement or marketing message.

Of course, having a great product and customer service is the first step to getting the positive recommendations you deserve.

Being one of famous suppliers in Iraq Univeristy research Center is Hyper chem’s successful experience.

Since Sep.2014,Abbas was the first one to contact with us for purchase , after excellent customized service provided by Hyper chem, he referred Hyper chem to his collage and friends.Till 2016,Mr Abbas ,Dr. Hassanien Taghi, Dr Haider Jabbar and Mr DunyaLafta etc connected us with the research center, more than 15 of their friends become our clients.


Ms Alba from Colombia contacted us at Aug, 2015, she urgently needed Methyl red ,that was first experience for them to import from China..

After comparing several suppliers, Hyper chem was one of their potential supplier.

But she never tried Chinese methyl red before, after showing the methyl red photo, COA and technical data , she still hesitated on the purchase, finally she requested as

 “do you have business in Colombia or in south americal using this product before ? f you have , we would like to talk with them about this material”

Of course we have! So after requesting permission from the clients in Colombia,

Our client Jose gave detailed introduction of methyl red quality and application , as well as high commend on our service .

The next day ,Ms Alba was very pleased to place methyl red order to Hyper chem.

That is the powerful of “Word of Mouth”, our customer can be the best salespeople.

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