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PHMB 20%,Polyhexamethylene Biguanide HCL

Author:    Source:HyperChem    Date: 2018-01-10 15:36:08

PHMB 20% , Star product in Jan 2018,HyperChem

Polyhexamethylene Biguanide HCL 20% solution
CAS : 32289-58-0
MF: (C8H17N5)n. XHCl
PHMB 20% is an effective in wide range of industrial disinfection applications, primarily as surface disinfectant, application including :
Veterinary establishments
Poultry hatcheries
Food processing plants
Air conditioning units
Beer glass cleaners
Recommend dosage:
For moisture absorption surface spraying: 80-200mL/m2
1 1:100 dilution (Common disinfection), effective area: 500-100 m2/L, action time: 2-3 mins
2 1:50 dilution (Powerful disinfection), effective area: 250-500 m2/L , action time: 2-3 mins
For Non- moisture absorption surface spraying: 20-50 mL/m2
1 1:100 dilution (Common disinfection), effective area: 2000-4000 m2/L, action time: 2-3 mins
2 1:50 dilution, (Powerful disinfect) effective area: 1000-2000 m2/L, action time: 2-3 mins
Kindly check PHMB20% Solution TDS,Which can help you better understanding on our product.

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